Adding a domain to a project

When you have successfully created a project, you can now start adding custom domains and subdomains to your project. These can be your client domains that you want to associate with your project. When configured correctly, these domains will serve the data from your main project domain without displaying the project domain url. So, the domain will be different but the content will be served from the project domain.

Follow below steps to add a domain/subdomain to your project in Flexi Domain.

  1. Click on the project you want to add domains to. You will see two options: - Add Domains - Delete the project

  2. Click on Add Domains

  1. A new page will open to add domains. This page will also display all your existing domains (if you have added any). Click on 'Add Domain'.

Enter the url correctly. This can be your client domain or just yours. Click Save.

  1. Done. Your domain has been added. Now, you just need to create an A record in your domain provider and point to the IP address displayed on your screen.

Note: It can take from couple of minutes to 24 hours for your domain to get properly migrated. Please be patient during this time.

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