Creating a project

Projects inside Flexi Domain are nothing but your main website url to which you want to add your domains. This can be your Wordpress website, Webflow website, Softr application or even a custom coded application written in PHP, Python etc.

Note: Applications created on are not supported yet due to their CORS policy. But we may be introducing iFrame method to use bubble apps as well in the future.

Once the project is setup properly, you are good to go with adding multiple domains to this project.

Below are the steps to create a project in Flexi Domain.

  1. On your dashboard, click 'Create Project'.

  1. Fill out your project name and project domain and click Add. Under project domain, you need to input your main website url, such as your Webflow or Wordpress website, or a custom coded website url. Please make sure these website are LIVE and running on internet.


  1. Project domain is your main website url. It can be your Wordpress, Webflow, Soft or a custom coded website url.

  2. Make sure this website is LIVE and running on internet.

  3. Domain should be added with an https://

  1. You will receive a Domain Verification message.

Simply copy-paste the code that you get, inside your website header and publish your website with this change.

This is the most crucial step to verify if you are actual owner of the domain you are trying to whitelabel.

  1. Now, come back and create the project again. This time the project should be created without any warnings.

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